Be Careful What You Wish For

Damn!!! That green-eyed monster can be a bitch! There isn’t a soul among us who can’t say they have been bitten by him at least once. Lover is there now. He’s freaking a bit.

Remember, I OWN him. He can’t jack his cock, fuck another woman, or even touch himself without my permission. I can do whatever the Hell I want whenever I want it with whomever I want. He LOVES it!!! WE love it. There is no way to explain the rush.

He has a favorite fantasy; I’m in a hotel room and being gang fucked by three men. My trio each have me. One has my ass, the other is inside of my pussy, and the third is shoving his massive cock into my mouth. They fuck me like a road whore.

Each man rotates to a different position: ass, pussy, mouth. In the end, I am lying there on the bed with cum in my hair, on my face, dripping out of my mouth, oozing out of my pussy, pooled upon my tits, running down my back, and filling my ass. I make him lick up every last drop until I am shiny clean. He then fucks me like the whore he knows I am and will always be. Did I mention that next Wednesday I am having my name tattooed on his cock? Seriously, I am!

I have a new cock. Actually two. The first is a guy HE found for me online. We call him Monster Cock. I am obsessed with his dick! We’ve been writing back and fro lately. Lover doesn’t seem too happy.

Everything in life has a counterpoint: good/bad, sweet/sour, happy/sad, love/hate/jealousy. It’s that love/hate/jealousy that’s so difficult to navigate. It’s those voices inside of our heads telling us shit we need to let go. You KNOW it’s true. We can’t help it. We grab on and ride those crazy, invalid thoughts ride to freak out. Lover is there now. He will be fine. It’s a lot to juggle. What we have is something beyond words. Description can’t do it justice. Jealousy is part of the fuel that ignites the fire in our love. It’s what he wants. It’s what he craves.

My friend, Sharon, used to tell me to be careful for what I wished. It just might come true.

3 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For”

  1. It takes guts to live and love in a non-vanilla way. It forces us to grow and trust. I think it makes us all better, stronger people. I congratulate you on being brave enough to face the inherent difficulties in order to live and love on your own terms and in your own way. I love your blog, thank you for sharing!

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